Hackers attacked the German concern Rheinmetall. The IT system was not affected

Sofiia Telishevska

German arms manufacturer Rheinmetall suffered a massive cyber attack on Tuesday, but it did not cause serious damage to its IT systems.

This is reported by Nieuwsblad.

Rheinmetall was subjected to a DDoS attack, during which attackers try to overload the servers with a large number of requests and thus bring it down.

According to an official representative of the arms concern, only the companyʼs website, which is maintained by an external provider, was temporarily unavailable, but the rest of the IT infrastructure was stable.

"There is no indication that Rheinmetallʼs internal IT infrastructure could have been affected by the possible leak. It is not suggested that the group may suffer any financial losses,” he added.

According to experts, Rheinmetall is the target of hackers operating on behalf of Russia, as the company supplies, among other things, armored personnel carriers to Ukraine to protect against a Russian attack.