Andriy Karpov will temporarily head the Poltava City Council. What is known about him

Sofiia Telishevska

The secretary of the Poltava City Council, the head of the "European Solidarity" faction Andriy Karpov began to perform the duties of the mayor of Poltava on March 3. This happened after the convicted mayor Oleksandr Mamai went on vacation from March 2 to March 31.

The day before, Mamai was sentenced to 5 years in prison conditionally in the case of the employment of two women at the utility company, who actually performed the work of housewives at his home.

Karpov is known for his own project "Vata Show" on the YouTube channel of the same name. Since 2018, this project has been broadcast on the "Pryamyi" TV channel.

He sharply criticizes the current government and supports the position and views of Petro Poroshenko, in particular, Karpov published on Twitter two photos of Mariupol before and during the war and wrote: "Mariupol with the bad Minsk agreements. Mariupol without the bad Minsk agreements."

Also, Andriy Karpov is better known in social networks as Andriy Poltava.