The US blacklisted 37 Chinese and Russian companies

Sofiia Telishevska

The US expanded the blacklist of trade operations and included 37 more organizations, including those that aided the Russian army and supported Chinaʼs armed forces.

This was reported by the US Department of Commerce, Reuters reports.

The list included, in particular, companies that supplied or attempted to supply goods to an Iranian organization under sanctions, as well as three firms from Russia, Belarus and Taiwan that, according to the US Department of Commerce, aided the Russian military.

"This list contains legal entities that there are grounds to believe that they are involved in activities that are contrary to the interests of national security or foreign policy of the United States," the agency noted in a statement.

Also included in the list are BGI Research and BGI Tech Solutions, which are part of the BGI Group — the largest genomics research institute in China. It says these units pose a "significant risk" because they facilitate Chinese government surveillance.

In 2020, the Commerce Department added two units of BGI Group to its economic blacklist over allegations that it conducted genetic tests that were used to fuel a crackdown on Chinaʼs Uyghurs.

The blacklist also included companies from China and Myanmar, which were sanctioned for human rights violations, and companies from China and Pakistan for participating in ballistic missile programs.

Among Russian companies, DMT Electronics was subject to restrictions, and from Belarusian companies, DMT Trading LLC.

The Ministry emphasized that the United States will use the tools at its disposal without hesitation to protect human rights and oppose military aggression.