The Finnish parliament voted to join NATO

Anhelina Sheremet

The Parliament of Finland voted for the countryʼs accession to NATO by 184 votes to 7.

Finlandʼs membership in NATO can be realized when it is ratified by Turkey and Hungary. 28 NATO countries have already accepted Finland and Sweden as NATO members.

In mid-February, Finland for the first time allowed to join NATO separately from Sweden.

  • In May 2022, Sweden and Finland renounced their traditional neutrality against the backdrop of Russiaʼs military invasion of Ukraine and submitted applications to join NATO. To date, among all the members of the Alliance, only Hungary and Turkey have not accepted their applications. The Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán promised a positive decision of the parliament in this regard "soon". At the same time, Turkey is blocking the entry, arguing that Stockholm and Helsinki have not fulfilled their obligations regarding the extradition of alleged Kurdish extremists.
  • Sweden and Finland have applied to join NATO in May 2022. All 30 member states must agree, but Turkey has vetoed it.