The National Police blocked 18 channels and groups in Ukraine, which were created to promote the youth movement “PMC Redan”

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

The National Police has already identified and blocked 18 channels and groups that were created to promote the youth movement PMC Redan. They believe that this is part of Russian efforts to destabilize Ukraine.

The press service of the National Police writes about it.

"The artificial spread of such a subculture is an attempt by Russian propagandists to conduct yet another informational and psychological operation and involve teenagers in illegal activities. Therefore, operational services, together with the Cyber Police, establish sources of funding, administrators of these information channels, and organizers of mass events," they said.

According to their data, the main goal of the organizers is to provoke conflicts and mass fights among teenagers.

During the last two days, the police found about 30 gatherings of young people in different regions. More than 700 people, the vast majority of whom are minors, were invited to the police stations.

"So juvenile police officers conduct preventive measures with teenagers and their parents. At the same time, they explain that such actions are subject to both administrative (for parents of minors) and criminal responsibility, which begins at the age of 14," the police explained.

  • On February 27, in many cities of Ukraine, mass riots of the PMC Redan movement took place, in which teenagers participated. They decided to have a fight with another subculture of "offniks", who defend their point of view in a fight.
  • Redan is a youth subculture inspired by the Japanese manga Hunter x Hunter about the Genei Redan criminal group. Its symbol is a spider, it has become a symbol of members of the Redan PMC. According to the teenagers themselves, they have no relation to private military companies, and the abbreviation of “Private Military Company” is used jokingly.
  • At the end of February, the movement intensified in Russia, where a total of more than 350 minors who were planning mass fights were detained in cities. And on February 27, there were attempts to organize teenage fights in Ukrainian cities.