Lithuania will boycott the winter session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly due to the participation of Russia

Anna Kholodnova

Lithuania decided to boycott the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly because of the participation of Russians in it.

This is reported by Delfi.

According to the head of the Lithuanian delegation Vilia Aleknaite Abramikene, if Austria changes its mind to allow the Russians to participate in the meeting, the decision to boycott the winter session may change. But, in her opinion, there is no hope for that.

Three Lithuanian parliamentarians were to go to Vienna: Viliia Aleknaite Abramikene, Laurinas Kasciunas and Gedrus Surplis. Aleknaite Abramikene emphasized that their delegation is as united as ever in its decision to boycott the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.

Unlike Lithuania, Estonia decided to take part in the event, writes ERR. According to the representative of Estonia Sven Sester, Estonia will thus express solidarity with the Ukrainians present at the session.

"We have also collegially appealed to the Austrian government not to issue visas to members of the Russian Duma who have been sanctioned. We already know that visas will not be issued to members of the Russian Duma during the summer session in Canada. Unfortunately, Austria has decided to grant these visas. After careful discussion, all countries agreed that it is wiser to go there and show solidarity with Ukraine," Sester noted.

  • On February 23-24, the winter session of the OSCE PA will be held in Vienna, the main topic of which will be the anniversary of Russiaʼs large-scale invasion of Ukraine.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Austria stated that according to the agreement with the OSCE, the Austrians have legal obligations to issue visas to the Russian delegation.