”Ukrzaliznytsia” will completely eradicate Russian and imperial names in three years

Sofiia Telishevska

"Ukrzaliznytsia" (UZ) started a three-year program "Steel Ukrainization" in order to completely get rid of imperial and Russian names, marks, images on any objects of railway transport.

The chairman of the board of the company Oleksandr Kamyshin stated this.

"Itʼs time to finally get rid of the Soviet and imperial past, which permeated the Ukrainian railway for more than 100 years, to throw everything that binds us and prevents us from developing into the landfill of history. Itʼs time to fully derussificate the railway," Kamyshin emphasized.

The program is designed for three years and will be implemented in several stages. It is planned to Ukrainize everything that until now connected the railway industry of Ukraine with the aggressor country: names of regional branches, mileage marks, signal marks, Soviet bas-reliefs, names.

In particular, the names of the regional branches of the UZ will be changed, for example, the Southern Railway or the South-Western Railway, because they reflect the geographical features of the USSR. Ukrainians were urged to propose their options for the names of branches.

The designation of the "zero kilometer" will also change: previously it was calculated from Moscow, now it will be calculated from the central railway station in Kyiv.

Among other important changes: the Russian language will be removed from railway tickets, the Soviet system of railway traffic lights will be replaced by a European one.