In Russia, a special armored train was built for President Putin, which he uses to move around the country. Stations for it were also built

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

In Russia, an armored train was created for President Vladimir Putin to travel around the country. Its value is about one billion rubles (300 million hryvnias).

This was reported by the Dossier project.

The train was created in 2014-2015, but Putin started using it when Russia began to build up troops near the borders of Ukraine. Now he actively drives this train around Russia, in particular to residences in Sochi and Valdai.

The presidential train has four locomotives and 11 cars, some of which are equipped with special communications. Outwardly, the train is no different from a standard passenger "Russian Railways" and has characteristic gray-red stripes.

Later, the "Agency" publication also found on Google satellite maps that special railway stations were also built for Putinʼs armored train. They were recorded near the helipad in the village of Dovhi Borody, the closest settlement near Putinʼs residence in Valdai, a separate railway track leading to the residence "Bocharov Ruchey" in Sochi, as well as train stations in the center of Moscow and in the residence "Novo-Oharyovo".

Another dictator likes to use an armored train — the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-un. The armored train he uses was built during the time of his father Kim Jong Il. Even when Kim Jong Il went to Moscow, he went there on an armored train through almost the entire territory of the Russian Federation.