MDI of MoD told that they are cooperating with people from “Putinʼs close circle”

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

The Main Directorate of Intelligence (MDI) of the Ministry of Defense (MoD) stated that during the war, all means are used for the sake of victory. They even cooperate there with people from "Putinʼs close circle."

In an interview with the Greek publication Iefimerida, the representative of the State Government Andriy Chernyak told about this.

"We found mechanisms of cooperation even with people who are very close to Putin. These people are beyond all suspicion, they are known as supporters of "great Russia," he noted.

According to him, not many Russian politicians cooperate with MDI because of their friendly attitude towards Ukraine. But there are many people in Putinʼs circle who do not support the war.

"Theyʼre all doing it for their own benefit — itʼs in their interests. Someone to save his life. Someone because they lose money. After the invasion of Ukraine, a number of people began to lose money and influence very quickly. They donʼt like it," the intelligence official explained.

He also emphasized that these people are not yet ready for coups in Russia, but if Putin loses power, they will "destroy him."

  • Earlier, The Wall Street Journal wrote that Russian President Vladimir Putinʼs entourage avoids telling him bad news, so he is systematically misinformed about the course of the war. Russian intelligence and officials have said that Putin has a "very limited understanding of the real state of affairs." Every morning he receives a written report on the situation at the front. The report is prepared in such a way as to emphasize the successes and reduce the failures. In addition, the information in the reports is usually late, as it is previously "processed" by the special services.