The president of Moldova told how Russia plans to destabilize the country. Ukraine passed the intelligence to them

Sofiia Telishevska

The President of Moldova Maia Sandu confirmed that the Ukrainian side conveyed to her the Kremlinʼs plans to destabilize the situation in Moldova. The main goal of the Russians is to bring their puppet government to power, stop the countryʼs European integration process and use Moldova in the war against Ukraine.

She stated this at a special briefing, Newsmaker reports.

"This is a short-term plan that involves sabotage involving persons with military training disguised as civilians. They are planning violent actions, including attacks on some state institutions and taking hostages," Maya Sandu noted.

According to her, the materials transferred by Kyiv contain detailed documentation of the logistics for organizing these subversive actions. For this, the Kremlin plans to involve Russians, Belarusians, as well as citizens of Serbia and Montenegro.

In addition, the Russians are preparing an attempt to seize power in Chisinau under the guise of peaceful protests.

The power structures of Moldova are preparing to prevent these provocations and keep the situation under control.

  • At the EU summit in Brussels, President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Ukrainian intelligence intercepted the Kremlinʼs plans to take control of Moldova, after which the Ukrainian leader immediately passed all the information to his colleague, President Maia Sandu.