Ex-Deputy Minister of Culture Tamari Mazur and six other officials were informed of the suspicion

Sofiia Telishevska

The former Deputy Minister of Culture Tamara Mazur is suspected of taking over the real estate of the state enterprise "National Cinematheque of Ukraine" through rehabilitation. It was Mazur who signed the plan to rehabilitate the state-owned enterprise.

This was reported by the NABU press service, not naming the officials. However, the time of their appointment and the sources of "Babel" indicates that these are the persons involved

Suspicion was also received by the former first deputy general director of the Cinematheque, ex-head of the Ministry of Culture, remediation manager Ruslan Banduristiy, head of LLC "West Pride" (the firm won this property on the stock exchange, then this company was headed by Oleksandr Radko) and two organizers of the scheme, who are owners of a number of private firms.

According to the investigation, during 2016-2019, the organizers of the criminal scheme developed a plan according to which, under the guise of rehabilitating Cinematheque, which was in a difficult financial situation, they planned to take over the property of the enterprise for nothing. For this, they involved officials of the Ministry of Culture and the Cinematheque, and they accordingly agreed to the illegal rehabilitation plan and ensured victory in the auction for the sale of the property of the predetermined West Pride LLC. This LLC purchased the buildings at a discounted price.

NABU and SAP obtained through the court the cancellation of the sale of the real estate of this state-owned enterprise, and it was returned to the state.