The US imposed sanctions on 22 people and companies that helped Russia and Belarus circumvent the restrictions

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

The U.S. Treasury Department has imposed sanctions on 22 people and companies that helped the Russian and Belarusian defense industry circumvent restrictions.

The press service of the US Department of the Treasury writes about this.

Sanctions were introduced against arms dealer Igor Zimenkov, who has citizenship of Russia and Cyprus, as well as his son Jonatan Zimenkov. Through a network of shell companies, they supplied sanctioned Russian and Belarusian companies with military and dual-purpose goods and also helped conclude various agreements.

For example, through the Singaporean company Asia Trading & Construction PTE Limited and its head Serena Bee Lin, they sold Russian helicopters to one of the Latin American countries.

Sanctions were also imposed against the Cypriot company GBD Limited, which also belongs to Zimenkovʼs network, and tried to sell weapons to Africa. Its director, Alexander Volfovich, was Zimenkovʼs arms broker — he was also sanctioned, as were a number of his Cypriot companies. Also, sanctions were imposed on two sons of Volfovich and some other companies related to them.