Russian troops shelled the Kherson region 42 times — one person was killed

Anna Kholodnova

Last day, the Russian occupiers shelled the Kherson region 42 times, according to the military administration.

The Russians hit the region with artillery, MLRS and mortars. As a result of the shelling, one person died, another was injured.

The Russian army shelled the city of Kherson 8 times. Shells damaged residential buildings.

In its daily summary, British intelligence notes that Kherson remains the most regularly shelled large Ukrainian city outside of Donbas. The Ministry of Defense of Great Britain says that it is currently unclear why Russia is spending its limited stockpiles of ammunition in this way.

There, they believe that Russian commanders probably want to undermine the morale of the civilian population of the Kherson region and deter Ukrainian counterattacks across the Dnipro River.