In the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, the use of the Russian language will not be punished, but it remains prohibited

Sofiia Telishevska

The president of the National University of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Serhii Kvit said that there will be no punishments for using the Russian language in the academy, despite the ban prescribed in the updated rules of the internal procedure.

This was reported by the president of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, Serhii Kvit, in a comment to "BVS Ukraine".

"This is not a question of punishment, but of cultural change. The point is not to punish, but to change our internal corporate culture. No one will eavesdrop on the students, but the internal public opinion will be such that it will contribute to Mohylyanka being a fully Ukrainian-speaking university," says Kvit.

He is sure that such a decision will affect the situation with the Russian language at the university.

"We will pay attention to the language issue, we will do social advertising. The academic conference voted unanimously because it considered it a problem. We believe that the Ukrainian language should be heard in our university," Kvit said.

At the same time, the prohibition of the Russian language is separated from the educational process and scientific research. Therefore, in the case of unique Russian-language scientific sources, they can be used. Also, Russian-language sources can be used when it comes to the study of modern processes in Russia and its politics.

"We see that there are problems in higher education in Ukraine, when teachers teach courses for 25 years, using the same Soviet sources. This is unacceptable. If they are truly unique, then you can use them if there are no analogues in Ukrainian or English," Kvit explained.

He also indicated that the university is fully prepared for possible lawsuits related to the new rules.

Earlier, the head of the supervisory board of NaUKMA, Gennady Zubko, announced a change in the internal rules of the university, in particular, a ban on the use of the Russian language by students, teachers and administrative staff.