Estonia will provide Ukraine with a record €113 million military aid package. What will go in the list?

Kostia Andreikovets

Estonia will provide Ukraine with a record military aid package worth €113 million, the largest package provided by the country to date.

The publication ERR writes that Ukraine will receive dozens of 155 and 122 mm howitzers, thousands of shells, trucks, over a hundred Carl Gustav anti-tank grenade launchers and over a thousand ammunition for them.

"If Ukraine falls, the freedom of the rest of the world will be at risk. By helping Ukraine defend its independence, we are defending the right to freedom and democracy of all states, including Estonia," the Prime Minister Kaya Kallas noted.

Thus, military aid to Estonia will increase to €370 million and will amount to more than 1% of Estoniaʼs gross domestic product.

  • Previously, Estonia provided Ukraine with Javelin ATGMs, howitzers, anti-tank mines and grenade launchers, mortars, vehicles, means of communication and personal protection, medical equipment and dry rations. Together with Germany, Estonia sent two field hospitals to Ukraine. The third field hospital Estonia will donate together with the Netherlands and Norway.