The Ministry of Digital Transformation: “Diia” will not have summons, and the development of an electronic military ticket has not yet begun

Sofiia Telishevska

Currently, the Ministry of Digital Transformation has not even started the development of an electronic military ticket, and there is no question of sending summonses in the "Diia" application at all.

The head of the development of electronic services at the Ministry of Digital Transformation Mstislav Banik told about this in an interview with

"We are not yet in the process of developing an electronic military ticket. Now this is an open question from the Ministry of Defense — when we will start this project, what will be its details, etc.," he noted.

According to him, the registers of conscripts exist, but there are questions about the relevance of all data.

"They are relevant for those people who changed their place of registration or served after 2014. There was a plan to fill the registers. In recent years, there has been a transition from paper to electronic forms of data on conscripts," Mstislav Banik explained.

He also added that just before the invasion, the Ministry of Digital Transformation was launching an electronic change of registration location, and we had an exchange with the registry in this service. However, during martial law, conscripts cannot change their place of registration, so the service after the presentation at the Diia Summit on February 8, 2022 has been stopped and will be launched in a slightly different form.