The USA orders 18 new HIMARS for Ukraine for automated artillery fire control systems

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

The USA is also ordering automated fire control systems for Ukraine for the new 18 HIMARS multiple rocket launcher systems. They allow you to gather together information for better coordination of actions of different units.

"Military" writes about this.

Such systems are designed to integrate and use information from various sources to create an overall operational picture of fire support. It will include information from intelligence, and from infantry, and from artillery, and from aviation, etc.

It is a network of computer workstations that process and exchange information. Data is transmitted from the forward observer to the unit providing fire support.

The system will automatically process fire requests, monitor the mission, offer different solutions for opening fire and much more.

In addition to Ukraine, the USA ordered such systems for Taiwan and Latvia. This means that HIMARS will also be manufactured for these countries in the USA.

  • In December, Lithuania signed an agreement with the United States for the purchase of eight HIMARS mobile missile systems. The value of the deal is $495 million.