The Former MP Kostyantyn Zhevaho was detained in Courchevel. The SBI plans to extradite him

Sofiia Telishevska

At the request of the Ukrainian side, in the ski resort of Courchevel in the French Alps, a former member of parliament, a shareholder of JSC Bank "Finance and Credit" bank Kostyantyn Zhevaho was detained.

This was reported to the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI).

In order to comply with the courtʼs request to take Zhevaho into custody, the SBI investigators prepared a request for the extradition of the ex-national deputy to 38 countries. For several months, there was a close interaction with the law enforcement officers of various countries, including the judicial authorities, the gendarmerie and the French police.

Zhevahoʼs extradition arrest is scheduled for today at the Chambery court.

At this time, the necessary package of documents for his extradition to Ukraine is being prepared.

In what cases does Zhevaho take place?

The SBI is investigating the embezzlement of over UAH 2.5 billion of the liquidated bank "Finance and Credit". The investigation believes that the money withdrawal scheme was organized by the ex-deputy chairman of the bankʼs board, the head of one of the departments and other top managers.

During 2007-2014, the offshore company opened credit lines in foreign banks. "Finance and Credit" vouched for this company with its own funds and concluded contracts with other foreign banks in the amount of more than $113 million (2.9 billion UAH). In 2015, for non-fulfillment of obligations by an offshore company, foreign banks charged $113 million from the accounts of the "Finance and Credit" bank, and the collateral was written off immediately after the bank was declared insolvent.

  • In July, Interpol announced an international wanted list of the MP of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine III-VIII convocations Kostyantyn Zhevaho. At the same time, the press service of Zhevaho stated that the information about his announcement on the international wanted list is not true. Representatives of the ex-national deputy currently do not have confirmation from Interpol about the search, and also note that there is no such data on the organizationʼs website either.