All districts of Kyiv will periodically have light — the power engineers were able to redistribute electricity

Sofiia Telishevska

Thanks to the redistribution of electricity, all districts of Kyiv currently have periodic light supply. Damaged nodes are still undergoing restoration work.

Yasno General Director Serhiy Kovalenko announced this.

According to him, after the latest shelling, there were acute shortages of electricity transmission nodes on the right bank of Kyiv. Their combined capacity makes up more than half of the consumption of the entire capital — thatʼs how many consumers of the right bank did not receive electricity until Friday, December 23.

"Due to high consumption — in some places the overload on nodes reached 100% — it was necessary to disconnect all three groups of the right-bank and northern districts of the city. Currently, temporary bypass schemes have been applied, which made it possible to significantly reduce this deficit over the weekend. But these are temporary schemes that do not give the opportunity to return to stabilization schedules yet," Kovalenko noted.

Another reason for frequent shutdowns is the local activation of automation.

"When electricity is restored after long blackouts, everyone begins to consume it excessively. Protecting networks from overloads, fuses are triggered and automatic devices are turned off. But until users submit an application, the dispatchers do not know about it — in the network bot you can see a message that there is a light, but it is not. At the same time, it is possible to repair such accidents only when there is voltage on the lines, so we have to wait for the next supply of electricity," explained the general director.

He emphasized that while the repairs are ongoing, emergency shutdowns will continue. Currently, neither the generation nor the networks provide an opportunity to switch to clear schedules.

  • Russian troops systematically attack critical infrastructure facilities in Ukraine. Currently, approximately 40% of the energy infrastructure is seriously damaged. In this connection, there are periodic power outages.