Another 32 streets were de-Russified in Kyiv. Druzhby Narodiv Boulevard was also renamed

Anhelina Sheremet

The Kyiv City Council renamed another 32 streets, alleys and boulevards, the names of which are associated with Russia and the Soviet past. In particular, Druzhby Narodiv boulevard was renamed to the boulevard named after the founder of the Ukrainian army Mykola Mikhnovsky.

This was reported by the mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko on December 8.

Yes, renamed:

In the Holosiivskyi district:

  • Kholmohorska Street — to Volodymyr Samiylenko Street;
  • Vasyl Zhukovsky Lane — to Leopold Yashchenko Lane;
  • Marshal Hovorov Street — to Heneral Momot Street.

In Darnytskyi district:

  • Enhels Lane — to Bohdan-Ihor Antonych Lane;
  • Turhenev Lane — to Oleksandr Barvinskyi Lane;
  • Enhels Street — to Opanas Slastion Street.

In the Desnyanskyi district:

  • Kutuzov Street — to Ivan Kozhedub Street;
  • Suvorov Street — to Serhiy Kotenko Street;
  • Akademik Kurchatov Street — to Orest Levytskyi Street.

In the Pecherskyi district:

  • Mykola Raevsky Street — to Pavlo Zahrebelny Street;
  • Druzhba Narodiv boulevard — to Mykola Michnovsky boulevard.

In the Podilsky district:

  • Odoevskii Lane — to Oleksandr Voiinov Lane;
  • Dostoevsky Street — to Andy Warhol Street;
  • Orska Street — to Vasyl Mova Street.

In Svyatoshyn district:

  • Prishvina Street — to Ivan Trush Street;
  • Mykhailo Svetlov Street — to Oleksandr Doroshkevich Street;
  • Vasyl Aleksukhin Street — to Stepan Chobana Street;
  • Heneral Avdeyenko Street — to Hennadiy Matuliak Street;
  • Heneral Potapov Street — to Vasyl Domanytskyi Street;
  • Yasnopolyanska Street — to Klyma Churyumov Street;
  • Simiy Sosninykh Street — to Ivan Dzyuba Street.

In the Solomyan district:

  • Ulyana Hromova Street — to Kateryna Stupnytska Street;
  • Julius Fuchyk Street — to Karel Capek Street;
  • Zoya Kosmodemyanska Street — to Sofia Galechko Street;
  • Metalistiv Street — to Mykhailo Braychevskyi Street;
  • Kachalov Street — to Volodymyr Kachala Street.

In the Shevchenkiv district:

  • Teshebaeva Street — to Oleksandr Brinzhala Street;
  • Tolbukhin Street — to Vasyl Danylevich Street;
  • Krylovsky Lane — to Architect Ivan Zarudny Lane;
  • Tolbukhina lane — to Mykhailo Yalovy lane;
  • Akademik Hrekov Street — to Rodyna Hlaholevyh Street;
  • Kyrponos Street — to Vsevolod Petriv Street.

237 objects have already been renamed in the capital. Thus, in November, the Kyiv City Council de-Russified 12 streets of the capital, the names of which are associated with Russia and the Soviet past, at the end of October — more than 40 streets, at the beginning of September — about 40 streets. And at the end of August, deputies renamed 95 Kyiv streets, squares and alleys.