Media: A drone attacked the Engels airfield in Russia. Bombers attack Ukraine from there

Kostia Andreikovets

Russian Telegram channels and publics report on a drone attack on the Engels airfield in Saratov region of Russia. Strategic bombers that launch missile strikes on Ukraine are based there.

Baza and Astra channels write that the attack took place in the morning — the drone fell on the runway.

According to Astra, two Tu-95 bombers were damaged. Two Russian servicemen were wounded and have already been hospitalized.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia is still silent, and social networks are already publishing videos of the alleged attack on the airbase.

The governor of the Saratov region said that the Russian security forces are "checking the information" about the explosions at the Engels airfield.

Propaganda media also report on the explosion of a fuel truck at the airfield near Ryazan. Three people died there, six more were injured. Aviation equipment was also damaged.

Some propagandists claim that the military strategic aviation of the Russian Federation is also based at this airfield.

  • At the Engels airfield, the Russians are stockpiling planes and missiles. The Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said that they were preparing for strikes on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine.