“Ukrzaliznytsia” continues to move — 81 trains are delayed on the way

Sofiia Telishevska

The Ukrainian railway (UZ) despite the blackout and rocket fire, continues to move. As of 09:00, 95 trains are running their scheduled runs, but 81 of them are late.

The following trains are currently experiencing the biggest delays:

  • No. 711 Kramatorsk — Kyiv (delay — 12 hours 51 minutes);
  • No. 749 Kyiv — Uzhhorod with a group of carriages Kyiv — Vienna (+ 11 hours 8 minutes);
  • No. 17 Kharkiv — Uzhhorod (+ 11 hours 4 minutes);
  • No. 119 Zaporizhzhia — Lviv (+ 10 hours 58 minutes);
  • No. 3 Zaporizhzhia — Uzhhorod (+ 10 hours 17 minutes).

The most technically difficult delays are "Intercity+", the heating of which depends on the power grid.

"We equip thermal blankets, but we still have to transport passengers comfortably and in warmth, so today two routes — to Kramatorsk (712) and Dnipro (732) — were picked up by long-distance trains with autonomous heating systems," noted in the UZ.

Meanwhile, international partners are providing locomotives to ensure docking, and other countries will also help Ukrainians arriving at their stations.

Passengers who, due to force majeure, missed their runs, are put on the next flight in the same direction with the same ticket.