An online casino that transferred UAH 3 billion to Russia was exposed in Ukraine

Anhelina Sheremet

The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) exposed an online casino through which about UAH 3 billion were transferred to Russia.

The SSU reported this on November 18.

Citizens of Ukraine and Russia are involved in the organization. In this scheme, Ukrainians were responsible for finding offices and service personnel, as well as for advertising, technology and authorization of virtual casino customers. In addition, they monitored payments and set up the infrastructure necessary for the operation of online gambling.

The analysis of payment operations showed that during the period of operation of the online casino, almost three billion hryvnias were withdrawn from the territory of Ukraine to the Russian Federation through crypto transfers.

Currently, the Security Service of Ukraine has completely blocked the relevant sites and blocked access to payment systems. Ten organizers and participants of the group, including 5 citizens of Ukraine and 5 of the Russian Federation, were declared the suspicion.