Russia banned the entry of 200 US citizens. Among them are Bidenʼs relatives, White House spokeswoman and historian Timothy Snyder

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

The Russian authorities have banned 200 US citizens from entering the country. Among them were relatives of US President Joe Biden, the spokeswoman of the White House, members of Congress and even university professors.

The press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation writes about this.

"In response to new and new personal sanctions, which are constantly introduced by the administration of Joe Biden, not only against Russian officials, representatives of business circles and the public, cultural figures, but also those who for one reason or another are disagreeable to Washington, a ban is introduced on the basis of reciprocity for entry into the Russian Federation for 200 US citizens," they said.

Bidenʼs sister and brothers, various senators and members of the House of Representatives, as well as their relatives, were denied entry. White House spokeswoman Karin Jean-Pierre was also sanctioned.

A ban was also introduced against American businessmen, especially those who work in the field of weapons production. In addition to them, various experts and analysts, including the historian Timothy Snyder, was banned from entering the country.

  • In October, the United States of America imposed sanctions against Russian and related companies that purchased military technology and dual-use equipment from the United States and supplied them to Russia to circumvent sanctions.
  • Since 2014, the United States has consistently introduced personal sanctions against Russians responsible for or involved in the war in Ukraine. They are denied entry and their assets are frozen.