The Times: The US, UK and Australia have begun exercises simulating a war with Russia

Oleg Panfilovych

The USA, Great Britain and Australia have started a two-week joint exercise, during which a Russian invasion of Europe is simulated.

This is reported by The Times.

The training takes place at the US military base Fort Irwin in the Mojave Desert (California). In the first part of the exercises, a conflict that breaks out in the Pacific Ocean is simulated. The second stage simulates a land war in Europe. The text emphasizes that both events are taking place against the background of growing tensions in relations with China and Russia. Similar training is planned to be held in Europe in 2023.

4,500 servicemen were involved in the exercises, they will practice new tactical techniques taken from the experience of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The text emphasizes that the open landscape of the desert is similar to the flat territory of the Ukrainian steppes. The source of the publication, which participates in the exercises, said that the war in Ukraine showed certain changes during the hostilities, in particular, the active use of drones.

As part of the exercises, drones identified targets, and GMLRS missiles fired at enemy positions spotted by American F-35 fighters. In addition, the military will practice the production of spare parts in the field using 3D printers, as well as technologies for processing intelligence collected by drones for team decision-making.