”South” asks the people of Kherson not to lose their vigilance — there are many mines in the city and reconnaissance and sabotage groups can work

Sofiia Telishevska

Fleeing from the right bank of the Kherson region, the Russian troops "leave many unpleasant surprises" for the Ukrainian troops.

Natalya Humenyuk, head of the joint coordination press center of the Defense Forces of Southern Ukraine, announced this on the air of the nationwide marathon.

We are talking about mining large terrain areas, roads, critical infrastructure, and other social welfare facilities, where people can seek to improve the living conditions that the occupiers purposefully worsened during the last days, convincing them to evacuate.

"We must not lose vigilance," she emphasized.

Humeniuk also added that "the work of subversive groups of the Russian Federation is not excluded" in the Ukrainian territories liberated from Russian troops in the Kherson region.

Ukrainian fighters are also preparing for powerful massive shelling of Kherson, as the Russians have firmly entrenched themselves on the left bank of the region.

  • Russian troops occupied Kherson and most of the Kherson region in the first days of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. In September, Russia announced the annexation (actual joining) of the regionʼs territories, which was not recognized by the vast majority of UN countries and Ukraine.
  • Today, November 11, the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine confirmed the liberation of Kherson.