The team of the Dovzhenko Center did not allow the newly appointed head Yuliia Kazhdan to enter the building

Anhelina Sheremet

The team of the Dovzhenko Center met with the new head Yuliia Kazhdan and the deputy head of the Ukrainian State Film Agency (USFA) Maxim Aleksandrov, but they were not allowed to enter the premises.

This is reported by "Suspilne".

Olena Honcharuk, who was removed from her position as the head of the Dovzhenko Center, said that the team is not sure whether the organization will not be destroyed. So, Honcharuk and the team are afraid of how the "reorganization" will take place, as well as what will happen to the achievements of the Ukrainian State Film Agency in the future. The head of the film archive Oleksandr Telyuk said that there are reasons to believe "that they want to take the collection away, and give the building under privatization."

Kazhdan herself reported that her duties include financial and legal analysis of the institution.

  • On November 2, the Ukrainian State Film Agency appointed a new acting general director of the Dovzhenko Center — Yuliia Kazhdan. The former head Olena Honcharuk was suspended based on the results of the audit. After Kazhdan was appointed, the Dovzhenko Center team accused the Ukrainian State Film Agency of raiding: through "manipulation of information, seizure of territory and appointment of puppet leaders."