The Russians damaged five DTEK thermal power plants. The company spoke about the extent of the destruction

Sofiia Telishevska

Russian shelling damaged five TPPs of the energy company DTEK, its executive director Dmytro Sakharuk told in an interview with the publication "Liga".

"Some of them are very badly damaged, some less so. A system overhaul and a lot of new equipment is needed. And here, problems can arise. The same transformers or switches are manufactured specifically for a separate project. This is not mass production; you have to order them from the manufacturer and wait until they are ready. One switch costs €110,000, and one transformer costs tens of millions [euro]. And we only need more than 20 switches. And thatʼs just for one or two stations. And with each attack, the damage becomes more serious," he explained.

Dmytro Sakharuk said that it might take up to 18 months to manufacture such equipment and another one to five months for delivery.

"But the problem is not only that. Currently, manufacturers have a very long queue for electrical equipment — two years in advance. And it is necessary to somehow get through this queue to repurchase equipment," the speaker added.

Currently, 60,000 employees work at DTEK, of which 4,500 serve in the Armed Forces.

"Four people died at the workplace, 33 workers were injured. Another 14 people died, and 61 people were injured during non-working hours. For us, these are very big losses," summarized the executive director of DTEK.