”Incredibly disturbing.” The IAEA has warned about possible nuclear tests by North Korea

Anna Kholodnova

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) warned about possible nuclear tests by North Korea.

Reuters writes about it.

According to Rafael Grossi, such tests will demonstrate that the DPRKʼs nuclear program is advancing "at full speed." He added that this is "incredibly worrying". Grossi emphasized that the IAEA is following this very closely.

"Everybody is holding its breath about this. Further tests, of course, means that they are refining the preparations and the construction of their arsenal," the head of the IAEA noted.

  • Since the end of September, North Korean troops have stepped up ballistic missile launches. The military exercises of the USA and South Korea were cited as the reason. On October 11, North Korea announced that it had carried out simulated nuclear strikes on South Korea.