Reuters: In Iran, hackers hacked the nuclear organizationʼs website and posted data online

Anna Kholodnova

Hacker group Black Reward has released information related to Iranʼs nuclear program.

Reuters writes about it.

This step was taken in support of the protesters in Iran. The statement, which the hackers published on October 22, ended with the words, "In the name of Mahsa Amini and for women, life, freedom."

In particular, they posted on the network management and work schedules of various parts of the Bushehr power plant, passports, and visas of Iranian and Russian specialists working there, as well as contracts and agreements regarding nuclear development with domestic and foreign partners.

The main Department of Public Diplomacy and Information of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization said that "this step was taken to attract public attention."

"It should be noted that the contents of usersʼ emails contain technical messages as well as normal and ongoing day-to-day exchanges [of information]," Iranian state media reported.

  • On September 16, a resident of Iran, Mahsa Amini, died after being detained by the morality police for wearing an "inappropriate" hijab. This event caused a wave of protests on social networks and on the streets of the country, which the authorities are trying to suppress. Dozens of people have already died during the clashes.
  • On October 17, the Council of the European Union also introduced additional sanctions against Iran due to human rights violations.
  • Canada also imposed additional sanctions on Iran for human rights abuses.