The Minister of Defense Reznikov: Ukraine hopes to receive the SAMP-T air defense system from the West

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

Ukraine is currently negotiating with the West to acquire SAMP-T air defense systems. The Ministry of Defense is counting on a positive decision.

The Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov informed about this on his Facebook page.

He noted that Spain announced the transfer of Hawk air defense systems to Ukraine. Great Britain and France have promised to provide additional missiles for air defense systems.

"There is an intensive dialogue with French friends regarding the Crotale air defense system. We also hope for decisions to be made regarding the SAMP-T complexes," Reznikov noted.

He emphasized that Ukraine expects more active involvement of other countries to help Ukraine fight against Russian missiles and drones.

The SAMP-T air defense system is manufactured by Eurosam. Its key components are the Aster 30 missile and the Arabel multifunctional radar. The target detection range is up to 80 km. The SAMP-T air defense system has a minimum reaction time and a high rate of fire (eight missiles can be launched in 10 seconds).