Russia has sent bombers capable of carrying a nuclear charge to the border with Norway

Sofiia Telishevska

Russia has increased the number of strategic bombers capable of carrying nuclear warheads at Russiaʼs Olenya Air Base on the Kola Peninsula near the Norwegian border.

The Norwegian publication Faktisk writes about this, referring to satellite images of the company Planet Labs.

The pictures from October 7 show that seven Tu-160 and four Tu-95 bombers are located at the “Olenya” base. Two days later, Planet Labs recorded another Tu-160 standing on the runway of the air base.

The location of the strategic bombers at this base of the Russians is unusual, because usually these planes are located at the Engels air base, which is 720 kilometers southeast of Moscow.

Military experts interviewed by Faktisk believe that these maneuvers may be related to the traditional autumn exercises "Grom", but also suggest the presence of a component of Putinʼs nuclear threats.