Russia ordered 2,400 kamikaze drones from Iran. The president asks allies to provide air defense

Sofiia Telishevska

Russia ordered 2,400 kamikaze drones from Iran. It was with them that Russia began to actively attack the territory of Ukraine from the beginning of September.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced this in his speech at the G7 summit.

The President called on the leaders of the "Big Seven" countries to provide financial support for the creation of the Air Shield.

"When Ukraine receives a sufficient number of modern and effective air defense systems, the key element of Russian terror — missile strikes — will cease to work," argued Zelenskyy, emphasizing that it is necessary to respond symmetrically when Russia attacks the energy sector.

"Peace is possible when it exists between all neighbors. The territory of Belarus is already being used for attacks on Ukraine, now we have a greater threat — the Russian Federation wants to draw it directly into the war, playing a provocation with the fact that we are allegedly preparing to attack this country. But we are only interested in the restoration of our territorial integrity," Zelenskyy said and suggested placing a mission of international observers on the border of Ukraine and Belarus to monitor the security situation.

  • Since the morning of October 11, the Russian occupiers have launched two massive missile strikes on cities and critical infrastructure facilities in different regions of Ukraine. The Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed 33 air targets: 20 cruise missiles and 13 kamikaze drones.