Politico: The European Union is considering giving Ukraine €1.5 billion each month for the next year

Oleg Panfilovych

The European Commission is considering the possibility of providing Ukraine with about €1.5 billion in budget support every month in 2023.

Politico writes about it.

The European Commission is currently discussing with the finance ministries of the EU countries how this support could be provided. At the same time, the amount itself, as well as what part of it will be grants and loans, are still being discussed.

Proposals may come as early as next week or on the eve of the conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine in Berlin on October 25, organized by Germany, which chairs the "Big Seven", and the European Commission.

The newspaper writes that according to Kyivʼs estimates, the budget deficit next year will be about $3.5 billion per month, and the United States has pledged to cover $1.5 billion per month and is asking its allies to do the same.