The Ukrainian military destroyed more than a hundred invaders and repelled three attacks in the south over the past day

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

The Ukrainian army destroyed more than a hundred occupiers and about 50 units of enemy equipment in the south over the past day. Also, the military repelled three attempts of the Russian offensive.

The Operational Command "South" writes about this.

"During the day, the enemy carried out 3 combat clashes with the Defense Forces. An attempt of an assault in the direction Zeleny Hai — Ternovi Pody by the forces of a motorized rifle platoon with the support of mortars, a tank and BMP was repulsed, the enemy retreated with losses. The exit of the sabotage and reconnaissance group and the attack of our positions by another motorized rifle platoon with the support of a tank and BMP were also unsuccessful. The enemy was forced to retreat, having suffered significant losses," the message reads.

They noted that during the day they eliminated 108 Russians, 8 tanks, 18 large-caliber Msta-S and Msta-B howitzers, one "Pion" self-propelled gun, another 152-caliber howitzer gun, 4 mortars, 15 units of auto- armored vehicles, as well as three warehouses with ammunition in the Bashtanka and Beryslav districts.

"Another 6 units of enemy equipment, including tanks, an armored combat vehicle, a howitzer and a radio electronic warfare station, were significantly damaged," the Central Command "South" emphasized.

In addition, the Ukrainian military shot down seven Russian reconnaissance drones in Kherson region and Mykolaiv region, and closer to the evening, the invaders attacked Odesa with Iranian Shahed-136 drones. All of them were shot down.