A man shot 34 people in a kindergarten in Thailand. 22 of them were children

Sofiia Telishevska

34 people died as a result of a shooting in a kindergarten in Thailand. 22 of them were children. The shooting was committed by a former policeman in a city in the north-east of the country.

This was reported by Reuters with reference to the words of the police spokesman.

The Prime Minister of the country instructed all services to take measures to arrest the criminal. The attack took place in Nongbualamphu province.

The Guardian writes that the shooter killed himself and his family. Also, according to the publication, the man opened fire on the children in the kindergarten while they were sleeping.

  • Thailand has a very high level of gun ownership compared to other countries in the region, but the official figures do not include the huge amount of illegal weapons that have been smuggled across the border from countries where hostilities have been going on for years.