Russian Wikipedia in Ukraine lost 15 million views in a month

Sofiia Telishevska

The Russian Wikipedia in Ukraine lost a record number of views in September. It happened due to which the Ukrainian Wikipedia almost overtook it in terms of popularity.

This was reported to MediaSapiens by the co-founder of the public organization "Wikimedia Ukraine" Yurii Peroganych.

According to him, the share of views of Russian Wikipedia from the territory of Ukraine fell to 47% (-9%). There were 113 million views, but for now the number is 98 million views (-15 million).

"This is a record drop. The share of views of Ukrainian grew to 38% (+6%). It was 65 million, it became 80 million views (+15 million),” he noted.

Peroganych added that the gap between Russian and Ukrainian online encyclopedias has narrowed from 48 million views in September 2021 to 18 million views in September 2022. Thus, the Ukrainian Wikipedia came as close as possible to the Russian Wikipedia during the period of observations since December 2015.