AP: The new US military aid package will include 18 HIMARS systems

Oleg Panfilovych

The US will allocate a new $1.1 billion military aid package to Ukraine, which should include 18 HIMARS systems, as well as anti-drone systems.

The Associated Press writes about it.

Agency sources said the package would include ammunition for HIMARS, as well as 12 Titan systems used to combat drones. In addition, the transfer of about 300 vehicles, dozens of trucks and trailers for transporting heavy equipment, various radars, means of communication and surveillance, as well as other equipment for soldiers is expected. The aid is expected to be officially announced on Wednesday evening.

This package of assistance is provided within the framework of the Initiative for the Promotion of Security of Ukraine, which finances contracts for the purchase of weapons and equipment. It increases total US military aid to Ukraine to nearly $17 billion. The funding is intended for arms and equipment contracts and is intended to help Ukraine meet its long-term defense needs, it said. It may take a year or two for Ukraine to receive new HIMARS.