The State Emergency Service has finished testing the emergency notification system

Anhelina Sheremet

The state emergency service has finished testing the modern Cell Broadcast public information system.

The Deputy head of the State Service for Emergency Situations Roman Prymus announced this on September 23.

In the future, this system will go into experimental operation and will be used to send real signals about threats to Ukrainians. Currently, the State Emergency Service and mobile operators are working on increasing the coverage of subscribers and expanding the number of devices that can receive notifications.

Testing of the system began on September 7, and is being implemented free of charge — thanks to the efforts of mobile operators, global smartphone software providers and many other partners. In 2021, the implementation of this system in Ukraine was estimated at several million dollars.

  • Messages through the Cell Broadcast system will be sent to subscribers who are within the range of selected mobile base stations. The notification tone will sound even if the phone is muted.