The judges of the Supreme Court want to release their colleague Bohdan Lvov, who was allegedly found to have a Russian passport

Anhelina Sheremet

Judges of the Supreme Court propose early dismissal from the post of chairman of the Cassation Economic Court Bohdan Lvov, who was allegedly found to have Russian citizenship. Judges began to collect signatures for it.

One of the judges, Olena Kibenko, published the appeal on Facebook on September 19 and tagged her colleague Ivan Mishchenko in the post.

At the general meeting held on Monday, September 19, at the initiative of Bohdan Lvov himself, the inclusion of a question of trust or distrust in him in the agenda was discussed; however, this issue was never included in the agenda.

Olena Kibenko explained that due to the fact that Lvov himself did not submit his credentials, she announced the collection of signatures for his early dismissal from office and proposed the date of the meeting of judges — September 26 at 10:00. They will discuss this in fact, the issue of the early release of Bohdan Lvov and the determination of a temporary executor of his duties.

"In our opinion, the chairman of the court cannot independently initiate the issue of expressing no confidence in him, manage such meetings, or form the agenda "from scratch", as this is a direct conflict of interests. We would like to emphasize that we are sure that this issue should be considered by a meeting of judges of the Cassation Economic Court in compliance with the requirements of the law and procedure. We do not claim that Bohdan Lvov, the Chairman of the Commercial Court of Cassation, is a citizen of the Russian Federation or owned real estate there. These facts should be established by the competent authorities as soon as possible. But such accusations, supported by documents, are too serious and cannot be ignored," explained Kibenko.

  • On September 15, the "Skhemy" project published material about the Russian passport of Bohdan Lvov — journalists allegedly found his application for obtaining a Russian passport in 1999. "Skhemy" also found out that in October 2012, a new passport of a Russian citizen was issued in the name of Bohdan Lvov. The basis for replacing the document is reaching the age of 45. On September 16, Lvov himself denied having a Russian passport, but for the period of the investigation, he was denied access to state secrets.