Another monkeypox infection was registered in Ukraine

Kostia Andreikovets

Today, September 19, the second case of monkeypox infection was registered in Ukraine.

This is reported by the Ministry of Health.

The patient was hospitalized — he has a high temperature and a rash on his face, mouth, and hands. According to him, the rash appeared at the end of August, but he went to the hospital a few days ago.

"We urge everyone who has symptoms similar to monkeypox to seek medical help immediately and self-isolate. This is important so as not to put other people at risk," the department urged, adding that the first case of infection was not related to this case.

The Ministry of Health reminded that in July, PCR tests arrived in Ukraine as part of humanitarian aid to conduct at least 5,000 tests to diagnose monkey pox. PCR tests were delivered to the regions.

  • The main symptoms of monkeypox are rash, headache, and fever. The Ministry of Health and WHO do not predict an epidemiological spread, as was the case with the coronavirus.
  • The Ministry of Health does not call citizens for mass vaccination against monkeypox, despite the registered infection in Ukraine (the first case was on September 15).
  • Also, the Ministry of Health will not disclose information about the place of registration of cases of monkeypox in order to ensure the comfort of patients and avoid harassment.