Switzerland suspended the simplified visa regime with Russia

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

The Swiss government has decided to suspend the simplified visa regime with Russia. There, they join the similar steps of the European Union.

The press service of the government writes about it.

"At the meeting on September 16, 2022, the Federal Council also decided to suspend the agreement [on a simplified visa regime] between Switzerland and Russia. Back in the spring, Switzerland canceled the visa regime for certain groups of people, in particular for Russian businessmen, and the visa-free regime for Russian diplomats. Here, the Federal Council also followed the decision of the EU," the countryʼs government noted.

Switzerland emphasizes that it is in its interests to follow the visa policy of the European Union. Otherwise, the country will face a significant increase in applications from Russians for Swiss visas.

Switzerland and Russia signed an agreement on a simplified visa regime in 2009. It meant that obtaining visas for some groups became much easier, and visa fees were either reduced or abolished.

  • On September 9, 2022, theEU approved the cancellation of the simplified visa regime with Russia. Now for Russians, the cost of obtaining a Schengen visa will increase from €35 to €80. Additional documents will be required for submission, and the terms of processing and visa issuance will be extended. The rules for issuing multiple "Schengen" will be strengthened. In general, Russians will be checked more thoroughly.