Ministry of Culture: Peopleʼs artists who support Russia or remain silent about the war will be stripped of their titles

Anna Kholodnova

Peopleʼs Artists of Ukraine who silence or support Russian aggression will be deprived of this title.

This was announced by the Minister of Culture and Information Policy Oleksandr Tkachenko.

"I want to emphasize and warn that all artists who still "proudly" use the title of Peopleʼs Artist of Ukraine when it is convenient for them, but have not been such for a long time due to silence or support of Russian aggression, will soon be deprived of these titles," Tkachenko emphasized.

He added that the Ministry of Culture is already working on amendments to the laws of Ukraine.

  • Recently, the singer Ani Lorak, who is silent about Russiaʼs war against Ukraine and continues to live and work in Moscow, announced concerts in Germany and the Czech Republic in October. The poster states that Lorak is a Peopleʼs Artist of Ukraine.