In Germany, a man with a knife attacked passers-by and shouted “Allah Akbar”. He was shot

Kostia Andreikovets

In the German city of Ansbach, a man who stabbed several people and shouted "Allah akbar" was shot dead near the train station.

Spiegel writes about it.

According to the police, a 30-year-old man attacked several passers-by and wounded at least two people with a knife. When the police patrol arrived at the scene, the man rushed at the law enforcement officers. In response, they opened fire, the attacker died on the spot.

The reasons for the attack are currently unknown. The police, despite the cries of "Allah Akbar", have not yet confirmed the Islamist basis of the attack. The police said they knew the attacker, but did not provide details.

Investigations and searches are ongoing in the vicinity of the deceased.