NATOʼs secret documents sent to Portugal found their way onto the darknet

Oleg Panfilovych

The Portuguese government has reported on the large-scale cyber attack that resulted in the leak of NATO documents.

Diário de Notícias writes about it.

The Portuguese authorities learned of this from the U.S. embassy through a tip, sending a message directly to the Prime Minister Antonio Costa last August. American specialists discovered “hundreds of documents classified as "Secret and Confidential" sent by NATO to Portugal” on sites on the darknet.

It is reported that NATO will demand explanations and guarantees from the Portuguese government, and a delegation will travel to the allianceʼs headquarters in Brussels next week on behalf of the countryʼs Prime Minister, Antonio Costa, for a high-level meeting at the NATO Security Office.

  • The weapons company MBDA Missile Systems announced the leak of confidential data about its products. Hackers put this data up for sale. The data included secret NATO documents.