A suicide bomber detonated an explosive near the Russian embassy in the capital of Afghanistan. There are dead

Anhelina Sheremet

In Kabul, a terrorist detonated an explosive device near the entrance to the Russian embassy in Afghanistan, killing at least eight people, including two diplomats.

This was reported by Al Jazeera and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

It is not yet known who exactly were the dead embassy employees. The terrorist was eliminated when he was approaching the gates of the embassy. For now, no terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the blast.

The explosion occurred on the morning of September 5 near the embassy, where a crowd of people had gathered to apply for a Russian visa. Russia is one of the few countries that has kept an embassy in Kabul since the Taliban took over the country more than a year ago. Although Moscow does not officially recognize the Taliban government, they are negotiating with officials on a deal to supply gasoline and other goods.