Zelensky named the Ada-class corvette “Hetman Ivan Mazepa”. Itʼs still under construction in Turkey

Kostia Andreikovets

By decree No. 586/2022, President Volodymyr Zelensky assigned the name Hetman Ivan Mazepa to the Ada-class corvette, which is being built for the Naval Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The decree states that the corvette was named as part of the "restoration of the historical traditions of the national army."

This corvette is currently being built in Turkey. Ukraine signed an agreement with Turkey on the construction of two corvettes of this class in July 2021. The solemn laying ceremony of the future "Hetman Ivan Mazepa" took place on September 7, 2021. In the same year, they began to form a crew. According to the agreements, the corvettes should enter the Navy of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in 2024. It is expected that the first of them will begin to perform tasks no earlier than 2026 — until then it will undergo tests.

As Naval Pages wrote, the corvette will receive the American Harpoon anti-ship missiles, the MBDA VL MICA short-range anti-aircraft missile system, the Leonardo Super Rapid 76-mm artillery system, the Rheinmetall Millennium 35-mm anti-aircraft system, the Aselsan STAMP 12.7-mm machine gun systems and the 324 -mm torpedo tubes with MU90 Impact anti-submarine torpedoes.

Also, the corvette can take on board one helicopter.