Dovzhenko Center announced its liquidation by order of Derzhkino. Employees will be fired

Kostia Andreikovets

The Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Center stated that the State Agency of Ukraine for Film Affairs issued an order on its reorganization, which, in fact, means the liquidation of the Dovzhenko Center.

The press service of the Center reported this on Facebook.

On June 13, the Dovzhenko Center officially came under the direct control of State Cinema. Now the department has decided to carry out a reorganization, which has not yet been explained in any way.

According to the order, all films from the Centerʼs collection and property must be transferred to the State institution "Scientific Center of Cinematography of Ukraine", which the Center called a "sleeping" institution created under Yanukovych, and completely inactive. The Center says that since its establishment in 2011, this institution has not carried out any activities, has no staff, relevant competencies, a website, etc.

The Center indicates that the State Enterprise "Ukrainian Animation Studio" should be separated from its structure, to which copyrights for Ukrainian animation will be transferred. At the same time, the order does not mention the film archive and museum collections. The Center considers the decision of Derzhkino to be well-founded.

Separately, it is noted that employees of the Dovzhenko Center must be notified of a possible dismissal.

  • The Dovzhenko Center was removed from the sphere of management of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy and handed over to State Cinema by decision of the Cabinet of Ministers at the end of January 2022. At that time, the Center stated that they were not informed of the prospects and did not take into account the opinion of the team.
  • Before that, in 2021, the Center had problems with funding and conflicts with State Cinema. At the same time, there were statements that the transfer of the Center to the sphere of State Cinema management would be extremely negative.