A man survived for five days on a deserted island in Brazil. He lived on two lemons and coal

Anna Kholodnova

In Brazil, a man jumped off a cliff while vacationing near Grumari Beach. The current took him to a deserted island, where he survived for five days.

The Independent writes about it.

Nelson Nedi, a 51-year-old gardener, told Brazilian news site G1 that he was admiring the view on the rocks on August 8 when a wave swept him to the uninhabited island of Palmas.

"The wave hit me and I couldnʼt see anything else," Nedi told reporters.

On the island he found a cave where he slept at night. And the next day he came across a tent and a blanket left on the island by fishermen. There were also two bottles of water and two lemons.

"I ate them with the skin and everything so as not to waste anything," said the Brazilian.

The man tried to attract peopleʼs attention with a flag he made from a blanket, but to no avail. Nedi tried to swim back to Grumari beach, but he only managed to swim half way. The current carried him aground and he ended up on the island again.

From hunger and thirst, the man began to drink sea water and eat a piece of charcoal. He saw monkeys doing the same. The Brazilian regretted this decision.

"It dried out the mouth even more and got stuck in the tooth," he said.

On Saturday, tourists riding jet skis appeared near the island. They noticed Nedi swinging his shirt. They notified the authorities, and a rescue helicopter was dispatched to the island.

Nelson Nedi was taken to a hospital in Barra da Tijuca and released later that day.