The commission for the election of the head of ARMA could not choose the winner of the competition

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

The competitive commission for the election of the head of the Agency for Search and Asset Management (ARMA) could not choose any of the candidates as the winner for the position of the head. None of the candidates received a majority of votes.

The meeting was broadcast on the governmentʼs official YouTube page.

To win the contest, the candidate had to receive at least six votes. However, Iryna Humenyuk received two votes, Dmytro Zhoravovych — two votes, Andrii Potiomkin — three votes, Oleksandr Sydorzhevsky — one vote.

After that, the commission decided to send the voting protocol to the government. But it could not recommend holding a repeat competition — there were not enough votes. Now the Cabinet of Ministers will independently decide what to do next with the competition.

The most likely contender for the victory in the competition was acting head Dmytro Zoravov ych, head of ARMA. Iryna Humenyuk, former head of the Central Interregional Territorial Administrationof ARMA, and Andrii Potiomkin, former head of the legal department of ARMA, also took part in the competition.

  • ARMA is an agency that looks for assets that are legally subject to seizure and then manages those seized assets. After the start of the invasion, ARMA began to receive assets worth billions of hryvnias through the seizure of property belonging to Russian businessmen.
  • ARMA has not had a full-fledged head since 2019 — then, the head of the Agency, Anton Yanchuk, was suspended and dismissed from his post, and a few years later, he was suspected of embezzling funds. His successor, acting head Vitaliy Syhydyn, was also dismissed in the summer of 2021 and was also suspected of embezzlement. Since that time, ARMA was managed by Dmytro Zhoravovych.